Bedingungslose Liebe

Liebe ist bedingungsloses Akzeptieren dessen, was ist.

Love is the unconditional acceptance of what is. — Leonard Laskow


My immersion in forgiveness and healing with love began at a retreat in the mid-1970s. It was about 2:00 a.m. and I was in deep meditation, alone in my dark room. Suddenly it felt like someone had turned on the lights. I opened my eyes and the room was still dark. I closed my eyes, and again I experienced this inner luminosity. I then felt a presence and heard a voice inside my head. I say it was a voice, but it was indescribable, not audible in the usual sense. This presence said, “Your work is to heal with love.” The hair stood up on the back of my neck and tears started to roll down my cheeks. I knew what was said was true but I didn’t know what it meant. Then I silently said, “Oh, so I’m worthy!” In response, this voice, this presence, said, “You are no more or less worthy than anyone else. Your work is to heal with love.”

Less than a year later, I was at another retreat. My roommate was a young man in his early thirties. He was from Australia and a composer of children’s songs. As it turned out he had metastatic cancer. He had ten golfball-sized lesions in one lung and seven in another. One of his kidneys was completely obstructed with cancer. The other one was fifty percent functional. In the middle of the first night, I was awakened by my roommate crying out in pain. He was having trouble breathing, so I got up, went over to his bed and asked, “Can I help?” “Anything, mate,” he said. I had no medication handy, so I just sat down on his bed and visualized above my head a radiant sphere of light like the sun with a beam of light descending through the top of my head to the center of my chest. From there the energy flowed out from my heart, up my shoulders, and down my arms. I held my hands on both sides of his chest, recreated this radiant sun between my hands, and just held it there without any particular thought or intention. This all occurred spontaneously, without my stopping to think about what I was doing or why. Almost immediately he began to breathe more easily and in a few moments he said, “Thanks, Doc. The pain is gone. The pain is gone.” He slept well for the rest of that night...

Several days later, X-rays revealed that the lung and kidney tumors were no longer present.

Laskow, Leonard. For Giving Love: Awakening Your Essential Nature Through Love and Forgiveness

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